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作者:赵晓栋    文章来源:新东方    更新时间:2008/3/3


1.make sure确定;

2.find out弄清楚;

3.turn off关掉(灯、水龙头、煤气等);

4.turn on打开;

5.follow one’s instruction听某人的指点;

6.come about产生(近义词come into being; give birth to);


8.change into变成;

9.explain sth to sb想某人解释;

10.have a good trip旅途愉快;


12.take off起飞;脱掉;(反义词land .v着陆);

13.be made from用——制成(看不出原材料);be made of(看得出原材料);be made into被制成;

14.get to 到达=reach=arrive in/at;

15.break the rule违反规定;

16.knock down撞倒,拆除;

17.carry away使入迷,冲走;

18.cover with用——覆盖;

19.begin/start with以——开始;

20.make fun of取笑某人;

21.write to给——写信;

22.pick up拾起,接收,接送;

23.give advice提出建议;

24.go with与——相配;

25.set free释放;

26.break a way from摆脱;

27.join up联合;

28.be against反对;

29.be for支持;30.be tired of sth/doing sth对——厌烦;

31.get along/on with进展得——;

32.take lies说谎;

33.take exercise锻炼;

34.look out/be careful/take care当心;

35.break out爆发;

36.get burnt被烧伤;

37.escape from逃跑;

38.worry about为——而担忧;

39.lose one’s life牺牲;

40.collect money for为——捐钱;

41.belong to 属于;

42.look well看起来气色不错;

43.call on sb拜访某人;

44.try on试穿;

45.pay back偿还;

46.lose one’s job失业;

47.sound like听起来像;

48.keep record保持纪录;

49.come across偶然碰见;

50.cut down减少;

51.make progress取得进步;

52.be forced/obliged/made to被迫;

53.go on to do sth接着做另一件不同的事情;

54.go on doing接着做同一件事情;

55.keep on doing sth继续作某事;

56.be sure of/about sth确信,肯定;


58.colse with以——结束;

59.be puzzled感到迷惑不解;

60.be separated by被——所分离;


62.die of死于(病、情感、饥寒、年老等身体内部原因);die from死于(受伤、事故、严寒等身体外部原因);

63.keep in touch with保持联系;lose touch with失去联系;

64.lead/live a life过着——的生活;

65.play a part/role in起——的作用,扮演——的角色;

66.be fond of喜欢;

67.get together聚会、聚欢;

68.feel like doing想要做;

69.date from始于、起源于、追溯到;

70.be marked with被标上、标明有;

71.make every effort尽力;

72.be busy doing sth忙于;

73.research into研究、分析;

74.hang up挂断电话、悬挂;

75.knock——out of 把——从——中敲出来、淘汰;

76.point out指出、说明;

77.turn over打翻;

78.go against违背、违反;

79.give a talk做报告;

80.send out分发;

81.ring up给——打电话;

82.get through拨电话、完成、通过;

83.hold on别挂断


1.be surprised at对——感到惊讶;

2.be lucky to 碰巧;

3.make up编造、弥补;

4.be an expert on/in在——方面是专家;

5.burn down把——调小,拒绝;

6.have/take a look at看一看;

7.get sth with sb随身携带;

8.have difficulty/trouble (in)doing sth做某事有困难;

9.have the idea of有——的念头;

10.provide sb with sth/ provide sth for sb给——提供——;

11.supply sb with sth/supply sth to sb把——供给;

12.come to大道,共计;

13.have no luck/bad luck运气不好;

14.be well-known as以——身份而闻名;

15.be pleased with对——感到满意;

16.join the line/queue排队;

17.go on a visit to去——参观;

18.be angry with sb对某人生气;

19.get a wonderful view获得很好的视角;

20.work by=controlled by由——控制;

21.burn sth down烧毁、烧塌;


23.give up放弃;

24.carry out实施;

25.take the drug服药;

26.be/get used to习惯于;

27.call for需要;

28.stop/keep/prevent sb from doing sth阻止某人做某事;

29.put up张贴,住宿;30.take——for example以——为例;

31.shake hands with与——握手;

32.get ready for为——做好准备;

33.put up one’s hand举手;

34.look up查看;

35.take pictures/photos of照相;

36.hand sth to sb将某物地给某人;

37.develop the films/photos冲洗胶卷/相片;

38.be popular with sb受某人欢迎;

39.fill in填;

40.keep up with保持与——同样的速度;

41.put on船上、表演;

42.be uncertain about对——没有把握;

43.be honoured for因为——而获得赞誉;

44.pick up采集、拾起;

45.run after追赶、追求;

46.bring up培养,教育;

47.be on show在展出;

48.make contributions to为——做出贡献;

49.think of象棋、考虑;


51.make use of利用;

52.offer sb a lift home捎带某人回家;

53.clear up=tidy up整理、收拾;

54.ought to应该;

55.take it easy别紧张;

56.give first aid实施急救;

57.hold up阻挡;

58.come to恢复知觉;

59.have a day off休假一天;

60.be present出席;

61.die out灭绝;

62.cause damage to对——造成损坏;

63.give back归还;

64.put sb to the trouble of doing sth麻烦某人做某事;

65.apologize to sb for (doing) sth因某事向某人道歉;

66.be after寻求;

67.get off脱下;

68.depend on依靠、相信;

69.put down记下;

70.do up系紧;

71.come off从——脱落;

72.be suitable for适合;

73.be anxious about为——而忧虑;

74.wash away冲走;

75.press against one’s foot挤脚;

76.be likely to do很有可能;

77.get everything back to normal是一切恢复正常;

78.push over推倒;

79.wake up醒来;

80.bring down使倒下;

81.cut off切断;

82.call in召集;

83.cut through剪断、穿过;

84.take the place of代替;

85.see to照料、注意;

86.make noise吵闹、发出嘈杂声;

87.stare at凝视;

88.bend over俯身于——的前方;

89.fall over跌倒;

90.speed up加速;

91.fight for为——而战斗;

92.lead to导致;

93.praise sb for sth因某事表扬某人;


95.be bent on doing sth专心致志地做某事;

96.compare notes商量,交换意见;

97.put an end to结束、停止;

98.get sth ready准备某东西;

99.fold up折叠起来;

100.connect to接在——上,连在——-上


1.look into调查研究;

2.keep out of防治,避免;

3.be filed with充满,装满;

4.send up使上升,发射;

5.put away收拾起来;

6.remember sb to sb代——向——问好;

7.pay/make a visit to拜访,参观;

8.be well-known to为——所熟知;

9.be supposed to应该,理应;

10.break into破门而入,闯入;

11.send for派人去请;

12.leave school毕业;

13.hold one’s breach屏住呼吸;

14.be made up of有——组成;

15.take in吸收,吸入;

16.go off熄灭,消失;

17.search for搜,找寻;

18.put in插嘴;

19.vote for投票赞成;

20.have/do/perform an operation on对——走手术;

21.play on words说俏皮话;

22.leave for出发去某地;

23.be in time for及时赶到;


25.be bad for对——不利;

26.come up产生,上升;

27.set an example to sb为某人树立了榜样;

28.go on继续;

29.put/cast/throw/send/take sb. In prison把某人关进监狱;

30.get on上(车,马等);

31.give in让步,投降;

32.turn out生产,结果证明;

33.be determined to do sth决心做某事;

34.come true实现;

35.do well in在——做得好;

36.join sb in doing sth和某人一起做某事;

37.start/begin with从——开始;

38.have/get/catch a cold患感冒;

39.light a fire点火;

40.be afraid of畏惧,害怕;

41.take up拿起,占据;

42.burn sth to the ground分为平地;

43.hear from受到——的来信;

44.persuade sb to do sth说服某人做某事;

45.be eager to do sth渴望做某事;

46.have a word with sb和某人说句话;

47.thank sb for doing sth感谢某人某事;

48.turn into变成;

49.be due to由于,因为;

50.remind sb of doing sth提醒某人想起某事;

51.have/take a look at对——瞧一眼;

52.cut up切碎;

53.say good-bye to sb向某人道别;

54.be open to 向——开放;

55.ring sb back给某人回电话;

56.drop in at a place顺便拜访某地;

57.do with兑付,处置;

58.blow out吹灭;

59.come around/round来访;

60.help out支援,帮助克服困难;

61.live on靠吃——生活,靠——维持生活;

62.play a trick on sb捉弄某人;

63.tear sth into pieces把某物撕成碎片;

64.be remembered as作为——被铭记;

65.work on继续工作,努力做;

66.work at从事,用功;

67.devote one’s life to把生命贡献给——;

68.go over跃过,温习;

69.have ——to do with和——有关;

70.give off发出;

71.go by走过,流逝;

72.set off动身,出发;

73.pay off还清;

74.insist on坚持(做某事,认为);

75.stick to坚持(原则,诺言,思想,论点等);

76.fall ill得病;

77.prepare for为——准备;

78.take——by surprise出其不意的袭击


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