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李健英文介绍 诗人歌手李健英文介绍
They say that good wine needs no bush, but a TV show means that people now know Li Jian is a fine wine indeed.

On the reality show I Am a Singer 3, the 40-year-old singer-songwriter has been praised for his singing ability and, unexpectedly, for his sense of humor. On stage, Li sings quiet songs slowly and “rescues the program”, commented Cheng Zhenwei on People’s Daily Online.
在真人秀节目《我是歌手》第三季的舞台上,这位40岁的创作型歌手因其精湛的唱功而备受好评。意想不到的是,受到称赞的还有他的幽默感。在舞台上,李健轻吟浅唱,人民网转载 的一篇文章中作者陈振伟更是写道:李健“拯救”了《我是歌手》。

Harbin-born Li has a clear and smooth voice, which he inherited from his Peking Opera singer father. And his shy nature and poetic lyrics have also given him the nickname “Poetic Musician”.
李健出生于哈尔滨,从京剧演员父亲那里继承了一副干净、悦耳的嗓音。他腼腆的性格、充满诗意的歌词,则让他拥有了“音乐诗人 ”的雅号。

“In my younger days, music was like therapy,” he told China Daily.

Music was also the bridge that got him into Tsinghua University. A self-taught guitarist, Li won a number of singing competitions. He was admitted thanks to Tsinghua’s plan to recruit students with musical talent.
音乐也是他进入清华大学的桥梁。作为一名自学成才的吉他手,李健曾在诸多歌唱比赛中获奖。如他所言,正是清华大学对音乐特长生的加分才让他有缘名校。(译者注 :1993年,上高三的李健为了高考加分,参加了清华大学面向全国文艺爱好者举办的冬令营,在活动中他以一首《说句心里话》获得了全国第一名,为高考加了50分,最终被保送进入清华大学电子工程系。)

In the 1990s, so-called “campus ballads” were popular in China. Shuimu Nianhua, a group that Li formed with another Tsinghua student called Lu Gengxu, was one of the best groups of the type.

But the pair went their separate ways in 2002. Li was tired of doing commercial performances. Also, he didn’t agree with their decision to change their style from folk to rock.

Afterward, Li released several albums on his own. They were all in his own musical style: “soft and warm, down-to-earth and intimate”, commented China Radio International.

Unlike some other musicians who release their songs quickly, Li took his time to write heartfelt music.

“Writing songs is like collecting water in a cup. When the cup is full, the water comes out naturally,” he told China Daily.

For nearly ten years, he did very few interviews or concerts. His low-key life may well have continued if Faye Wong hadn’t sung his song, Legend, at 2010’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Li said the song brought him out of his “cave ” and back into spotlight: concerts and reality shows have been endless, including this year’s I Am a Singer.

On TV, Li has not fitted the stereotype most people have of pop stars, mostly because of his academic background.

And while studying electronic engineering at Tsinghua might not have helped Li’s career musically, it certainly gave his songs and mindset a different touch.

His answer on the show of “I am already very smart. Why do I need a smartphone?” to the question “Why don’t you use smartphones?” was perhaps unusual for a pop star. He went on to show it when he said, “Two is good! 2 is No 1 among prime numbers,” commenting on the fact that he was chosen as the second singer to get on stage! Are you impressed yet?


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