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双语:如何治愈受伤的心  发帖心情 Post By:2009/4/14 8:53:05 [只看该作者]

6 tips to heal your broken heart 如何治愈受伤的心
There are plenty of questions: How long this pain last? When will the empty feelings pass? But everyday no matter how you try to forget things, it’s still sweeping you like a sharp rake. You tried to continue with your daily routines but you are kept wondering, how long will I be feeling this?

Welcome to the world of broken hearts! But hey, don’t die but embrace yourself because you’re not the only one who is feeling this way.

I felt it, our parents were broken hearted before they met each other and had a successful marriage and even ended in a divorce as well. Reality bites but change is inevitable but suffering is a choice. There’s no easy way to fix your broken heart. TRUE!

But with slow day to day, you would be healed and when that day comes you would thank the Lord for unanswered prayers. Here are some good ways to heal from a broken heart.

Music is the language of the soul – listen to music, whatever kind of music. If you want to cry with the love song ok you can cry. But make sure you will drink water because you may dehydrate. Joke! You will just come to the point that you are tired of crying anymore. That’s because when you cry chemical imbalance in your brain slowly fades. Do you know crying is a good way to relax and it even cleans your eyes. Notice that when you cried for too long hours there would come a time that you would stop and feel better.

Write and read – if you want to express do it in writing. Write to God I call it “knee mails”, and then you can burn it. Burning something is like a ritual that makes your subconscious feels you’re ending a chapter. Reading can relax your brain, so read.

Visit Poor Momma – maybe you have been gone for so long already, you forgot you still have a mother or good friends in your hometown. It’s time to visit them, this makes you feel refreshed with the memories of what you were long time ago – happy! With your family and friend’s support you would feel sympathized! As a human we want to be sympathized! Actually women handle break-up better than men because of the world sympathy. Girls can open up with anyone about their feelings and feel that there are people who still cared for them.

Regain your faith by meditation – guided meditation helps, trust me. You know how? - Because through meditation you can listen to yourself. Your subconscious is already shouting S-O-S! There are plenty of guided meditations; I actually like Kelly Howell’s CD’s. I can relate to her ways because she’s a girl. Form a habit of listening over and over again. Forming a habit is 21 days or 3 weeks of continuous repetitions. You’ll be surprise of the outcomes.

Treat and pamper yourself – when was the last time you had a body spa? What about your hair? When did the last time you went to a nail parlor? What about your wardrobe? This is the best time to go out and spoil yourself as long as you are following the rule of the thumb: Don’t spend what you can’t afford to lose.

Acceptance – accept the pain and deal with it slowly everyday not in bulk. God made the world in 6 days and rested in the 7th day, what more for you that you’re only His child? Slowly feel the grief, the start, the middle and the end. After that, you’d feel better and even more thankful about the break-up. Let go.

You still have life after the break-up as long as the world revolves. If a door closes, another opens up. Don’t be busy staring at the closed doors, it’s like close curtain already that means their story in your life already ended and you should move on.







4、通过沉思重新恢复你的信仰——相信我,引导冥想是有帮助的。你知道如何做吗?通过冥想能够聆听内心的声音,潜意识里你已经开始呼救了。有很多引导冥想,我自己就非常喜欢Kelly Howell的CD。我能理解她,因为她也是个女孩儿。养成坚持听歌的习惯,坚持听歌21天或者说三个星期,你会有惊喜的发现。



世界在前进,你的生命也在继续。当一扇门关闭的时候,一定会有另一扇门向你敞开。不要紧紧盯着那扇已经关闭的门,它就像已经合上的窗帘一样,这段故事在你的生拿中已经结束了,你应该大步迈向前进。8:52 2009-4-14