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   Iceland? Who goes to Iceland on vacation? It turns out the answer is growing numbers of culture and adventure lovers looking for something a bit different, something they’ve never seen before, experiences as unique as they come.
   Having recently visited the country for a short time, I have seen the light. (Of course, 1)given the fact that the summer sun’s up 23.5 hours every day, that light is hard to miss.)
   It certainly helped starting off the journey in Icelandair’s 2)Saga (business) Class. I was properly greeted, 3)cossetted in a comfortable seat, 4)sated with 5)salmon, and delivered safely to Keflavik, a manageable little jewel of an airport with an6)extensive dutyfree shopping 7)arcade. From JFK注1, the flight took less than five hours.
   For the first 20 minutes en route from Keflavik to Reykjavik by cab, the land looks 8)barren but the 9)Nordic sky is 10)luminous. There are no trees, just 11)lava fields covered with 12)velvety green moss. Soon enough I make out a 13)pale blue body of water—the Atlantic, of course—then scattered houses and mountains. As we drive closer to the city, I notice the mountaintops are dotted with snow.
   Snow caps the mountains of Reykjavik, even in summer
   It’s mid-summer…New York is 14)sweltering…and I’m seeing snow!(Later I learn that one of many Icelandic legends has to do with this summer snow. They say that if it all 15)evaporates by August, something 16)dire will occur. It happened in 1996…and there was a 17)volcanic eruption outside the city.)
   Anyway, there’s snow up there in July, and the weather’s a comfortable 55 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m willing to pack a lot into the days, since it stays light for all but half an hour. The first place I visit is a community swimming pool heated entirely by underwater 18)geothermal springs. Icelanders frequent these facilities every day of the year, meeting friends, debating politics, and simply luxuriating in the pool and 19)adjacent Jacuzzis注2. No wonder they look so healthy and enjoy such longevity.
   After the swim I got to experience two outdoor sculpture gardens accompanied by a learned guide. First was Asmundur Sveinsson’s, whose creations call upon Nordic sagas for inspiration. Historic and heartfelt, his work provides a window into the Icelandic soul. Ainar Jonsson, a contemporary, may have been the more masterful technician, but his work lacks Sveinsson’s warm emotion. Contemplating and comparing the displays with my enlightening guide is an 20)aesthetic delight.   Touring outside the city is 21)imperative, though. There’s everything from 22)geysers to glaciers, to hold one as 23)spellbound as a mid-season sale at Saks注3. Up north, adventurers can go snowmobiling, dogsledding, and experience other chilly adventures in an Arctic Jeep. Elsewhere you can river raft, sea 24)kayak, fish, and whale watch.
   Thingvellir National Park, closer to Reykjavik, is where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet and stretch apart. One side holds grassy 25)meadows and 26)placid lakes; the other rough lava terrain. A place of great significance to the Icelandic people, the park is also where Europe’s first parliament 27)convened in 930 A.D. Today, it’s a magnificent place to picnic.
   Walls of waterfalls, volcanic cpaters, lava flows flocked with moss
   Hot springs hissing with steaming water, hillsides planted with 28)blue lupine, and 29)puffin perches are among the sights in nature’s 30)repertoire. And one of the best ways to experience them is on horseback. The sturdy little Icelandic horses are so gentle, anyone but a 31)tenderfoot like me would feel at ease 32)cantering across these magical landscapes.
   The Blue Lagoon turns out to be my kind of place, not a spa as Americans know it. In fact, they sell ice cream here, lots of it. The draw is the lagoon’s 33)therapeutic waters, surrounded by black lava fields. The 34)opaque blue-green reservoir of mineral-rich water is heated to about 100 degrees. Since the air’s only about 60 degrees, steam continually rises from the milky water.
   I paddle around, 35)peering through the fog at the old folks and kids, the lovers and the lonely, all bobbing in this 36)ethereal human soup. Stress just melts away.
   I start to think that perhaps heaven isn’t composed of clouds but of Iceland’s naturally warm, 37)buoyant, healing waters. It’s a real possibility. But you ought to visit and decide for yourself.
   时值盛夏,纽约正是闷热的时候,我却看到了雪!(后来我听说,这里夏天的积雪还与一个冰岛传说有关。据说,如果这些雪在八月之前全部蒸发殆尽,就会有可怕的事情发生。1996年,这个传说成为现实,那一年城外就有火山爆发。)   总之,这里七月有雪,而气候也是舒适的55华氏度(约13摄氏度)。我愿意把白天的行程排得满满的,因为这里几乎一整天都是白天,而夜晚只有半个小时。我游览的第一个地方是一个完全由地下温泉供热的社区游泳池。冰岛人一年到头频繁光顾这里,在这儿会見朋友、探讨政治或者纯粹享受一下游泳池和它旁边的按摩浴缸。难怪他们看起来都很健康且长寿。
   (1) given  prep. 由于,考虑到
   (2) saga  n. 中世纪北欧传说
   (3) cosset  v. 宠爱,疼爱
   (4) sate  v. 充分满足,使饱享
   (5) salmon  n. 三文鱼
   (6) extensive  a. 广阔的
   (7) arcade  n. 店铺商场
   (8) barren  a. 荒芜的,贫瘠的
   (9) Nordic  a. 北欧的
   (10) luminous  a. 发光的,明亮的
   (11) lava  n. 熔岩
   (12) velvety  a. 天鹅绒般的,柔软的
   (13) pale blue 淡蓝色
   (14) sweltering  a. 闷热的
   (15) evaporate  v. 蒸发
   (16) dire  a. 可怕的,恐怖的
   (17) volcanic eruption 火山爆发
   (18) geothermal  a. 地热的
   (19) adjacent  a. 相邻的,邻近的
   (20) aesthetic  a. 审美的
   (21) imperative  a. 必要的
   (22) geyser  n. 间歇泉
   (23) spellbound  a. 着迷的
   (24) kayak  n. 爱斯基摩人用的皮艇
   (25) meadow  n. 草地
   (26) placid  a. 宁静的,平静的
   (27) convene  v. 召开
   (28) blue lupine 蓝花羽扇豆
   (29) puffin  n. 海鹦
   (30) repertoire  n. 所有组成部分
   (31) tenderfoot  n. 生手,新手
   (32) canter  v. 慢跑
   (33) therapeutic  a. 治病的
   (34) opaque  a. 不透明的
   (35) peer  v. 凝视
   (36) ethereal  a. 天上的,像空气的
   (37) buoyant  a. 活泼的,快乐的
   注1:John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 指肯尼迪国际机场。