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2018河北中考英语试卷解析 新东方版
 V. 单项选择(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)

  26. Please come in, Alice. Welcome to _______ house.

  A. her B. his C. my D. your

  27. Did you hear the _______? A scientist will visit our school.

  A. advice B. news C. praise D. choice

  28. This dog looks _______. It’s wearing red shoes.

  A. clever B. brave C. funny D. careful

  29. Bob, dinner is ready. Please wash your hands ______you eat.

  A. until B. after C. while D. before

  30. Gary is the best singer in my class. No one else _____so well.

  A. sings B. sang C. will sing D. is singing

  31. --- The bread is really delicious. ---Thank you. I ________it myself.

  A. make B. made C. will make D. am making

  32. Can you help me _______ the pen? It’s under your chair.

  A. ask for B. look for C. pick up D. put up

  33. I _______an invitation to the concert. I can’t wait to go.

  A. receive B. will receive C. was receiving D. have received

  34. Look at the picture. The top five TV plays ________in it.

  A. list B. are listed C. will list D. will be listed

  35. ---Hi, Ken. Did Mrs. Zhang tell us ________?

  ---Yes, She said we should meet there at nine.

  A. which was the way to the station B. why we should meet at the station

  C. when we should get to the station D. who we should meet at the station

  26. C【解析】考查代词词义辨析。结合语境应翻译为:爱丽丝请进,欢迎来到我的房子。故选C。

  27. B 【解析】考查名词词义辨析。advice意为“建议”;news意为“消息、新闻”;praise意为“赞美、赞扬”choice意为“选择”根据句意故选B。

  “聪明的” brave意为“勇敢的” funny意为“有趣的” careful意为“认真的”故选C。

  28. C 【解析】考查形容词词义辨析。句意为:这条狗看起来很有趣,它正穿着双红鞋。clever意为

  29. D 【解析】考查连词词义辨析。根据句意请在吃饭之前洗手,故选D。

  30. A 【解析】考查动词的时态。由Gary is the best singer in my class.得知该句为一般现在时故选A。

  31. B 【解析】考查动词的时态。由句意“面包美味可口”得知是过去自己做的。故选B。

  32. C 【解析】考查动词短语辨析。由句意得知你能帮助我捡起这个钢笔吗?它在你椅子下面。pick up “捡起” 符合语境故选C。

  33. D 【解析】考查动词时态。由句意得知我已经收到去音乐会的邀请函。故选D 现在完成时态。

  34. B 【解析】考查动词的时态和语态。由语境得知“The top five TV plays”与list之间存在被动关系;由“Look at the picture”得知是一般现在时,因此为一般现在时的被动语态,故选B。

  35. C 【解析】考查宾语从句。由答语“we should meet there at nine.”可知,问句询问时间,故选C。

  【参考答案】:26-30 CBCDA 31-35 BCDBC



  Once there was a king and his daughter. The king asked his daughter how much she loved him. She said that she loved him as much as she loved 36 .Her answer made the king very happy, Salt is a simple thing, 37 it is very important. So the king thought his daughter cared a lot about him.

  Salt has many 38 . Our bodies need salt. If we don’t have enough, our bodies can’t work properly. We put salt on icy roads to make them 39 . We also use salt to produce other products, like paper and glass. But for many years, salt’s most important job was to 40 food. Like other living things, most bacteria(细菌)need water to live. Salt takes in plenty of water, so most bacteria cannot live 41 a salty environment. As a result, salt protects food and many other things. For much of human history, this ability has made salt 42 . Every ancient culture from Egypt to China depended on salt. Even today, the hard-working, useful people are 43 as “the salt of the earth”.

  For centuries, salt was also hard to 44 . Its usefulness, together with rarity (稀有)made it very expensive. Salt could even be used like 45 . In fact, the word salary(薪水)comes from the word salt.

  Today, salt is used more widely and it still plays an important role in our life.

  36. A. salt B. air C. gold D. sugar

  37. A. or B. so C. and D. but

  38. A. forms B. secrets C. uses D. skills

  39. A. wide B. safe C. smooth D. thick

  40. A. protect B. provide C. produce D. prepare

  41. A. in B. outside C. for D. without

  42. A. hopeful B. comfortable C. valuable D. successful

  43. A. saved B. dreamed C. invited D. described

  44. A. sell B. get C. take D. keep

  45. A. money B. medicine C. earth D. food

  【参考答案】:36-40 ADCBA 41-45 ACDBA





  38.【解析】考查名词辨析。根据下文“We also use salt to produce other products”可知:在讲它有很多用途。故选C。


  40.【解析】考查动词辨析。根据下文“As a result, salt protects food and many other things.”可知:选A。


  42.【解析】考查形容词辨析。根据下文“Its usefulness, together with rarity (稀有)made it very expensive.”可知:使得盐是有价值的。故选C。


  44.【解析】考查名词辨析。根据下文:“Its usefulness, together with rarity (稀有)made it very expensive.”说明很稀有,很难得到,故选B。

  45.【解析】考查名词辨析。根据下文:“In fact, the word salary(薪水)comes from the word salt.”被当成薪水,也就是钱的意思。故选A。




  Dear Sir,

  I ordered a skirt from you last month, but there are some problems with it. First, the color is not as green as it is shown on your website. I understand that the picture does not always show the real color, but it should not be that different. Second, I asked for Size M because it is the size I usually wear. But your Size M is so small that I have to give it to my younger sister.

  I think you should be more serious about your business.


  Susan Rosen

  Dear Ms. Rosen,

  Thank you for telling us the problems with your order. We hope we can give you better service. We are sending you another skirt with this letter. It is Size L, and its green color is brighter than the one you had. We hope you like it.

  Our office hours are 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Please call us if you have any more questions.

  Yours truly,

  Victor Smith

  46. Why did Susan Rosen write the letter?

  A. To say sorry to her sister B. To show the picture to Smith

  B. To tell her problems to a friend D. To talk about what she bought

  47. What did Victor Smith do for Susan Rosen?

  A. He helped her cancel the order B. He sent her a new skirt

  B. He asked her to visit the office D. He called her for another color

  【参考答案】:46-47 DB

  【语篇解读】:本篇文章是封信件,主要阐述Susan Rosen对订购的裙子不满的地方以及Victor Smith先生给予相对应解决方法和回复。


  46. D 【解析】细节理解题。由文中 “I ordered a skirt from you last month, but there are some problems with it. ” 可知,Susan Rosen写信主要是为了向Victor Smith说明她所买的东西以及问题。本题难度较小。

  47. B 【解析】细节理解题。由文中 “We are sending you another skirt with this letter.” 可知,Victor Smith寄送给Susan Rosen 另外一件裙子。本题难度较小。


  Edward rose early on the New-year morning. He looked in every room and wished a Happy New Year to his family. Then he ran into the street to repeat that to those he might meet.

  When he came back, his father gave him two bright, new silver dollars.

  His face lighted up as he took them. He had wished for a long time to buy some pretty books that he had seen at the bookstore.

  He left the house with a light heart, expecting to buy the books. As he ran down the street, he saw a poor family.

  “I wish you a Happy New Year.” said Edward, as he was passing on. The man shook his head.

  “You are not from this country.” said Edward. The man again shook his head, for he could not understand or speak his language. But he pointed to his mouth and to the children shaking with cold, as if (好像) to say, “These little ones have had nothing to eat for a long time.”

  Edward quickly understood that these poor people were in trouble. He took out his dollars and gave one to the man, and the other to his wife.

  They were excited and said something in their language, which doubtless meant, “We thank you so much that we will remember you all the time.”

  When Edward came home, his father asked what books he had bought. He hung his head a moment, but quickly looked up.

  “I have bought no books”, said he. “I gave my money to some poor people, who seemed to be very hungry then.” He went on, “I think I can wait for my books till next New Year.”

  “My dear boy,” said his father, “here are some books for you, more as a prize for your goodness of heart than as a New-year gift”

  “I saw you give the money cheerfully to the poor German family. It was nice for a little boy to do so. Be always ready to help others and every year of your life will be to you a Happy New Year.”

  48. Edward expected to _________ with the money he got from his father.

  A. help the poor family B. buy something to eat

  C. buy some pretty books D. learn another language

  49. Why did the poor man shake his head when Edward spoke to him?

  A. He couldn’t understand the boy B. He wouldn’t accept the money

  C. He didn’t like the boy’s language D. He was too cold to say anything

  50. How much did Edward give the poor family?

  A. One dollar B. Two dollars C. Three dollars D. Four dollars

  51. We know that Edward_________ from the passage?

  A. got a prize for his kind heart B. had to buy his books next year

  C. bought the books at the bookstore D. got more money from his father

  【参考答案】:48-51 CABA



  48. C 【解析】细节理解题。根据第三段第二句 “He had wished for a long time to buy some pretty 49. A 【解析】细节理解题。根据第六段第二句 “The man again shook his head, for he could not understand or speak his language.” 可知。本题难度较小。

  50. B 【解析】细节理解题。根据第七段第二句 “He took out his dollars, and gave one to the man , and the other to his wife”和 第二段“When he came back, his father gave him two bright, new silver dollars”可知。本题难度较小。

  51. A 【解析】细节理解题。根据第十一段可知。难度较小。


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