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1.be known as/be famous as作为……而闻名

be known for因……而出名

be known to为……所知

be known by凭……而知

The hill is known for the temple.

LuXun is known to us as a writer.

One can be known by his words and deeds.

2.be married to与……结婚

She is married to a musician.

3.be tired of/with对……厌烦

He is tired of/with this kind of life.

=He is bored with this kind of life.

4.be terrified at被……吓一跳

He is terrified at the snake.

5.be burdened with负重

He is burdened with a heavy load.

6.be crowded with挤满

The shop is crowded with people.

7.be dressed in穿着

She is dressed in red.

8.be experienced in对……有经验

He is experienced in mending bikes.

9.be equipped with装备

They are equipped with guns and food.

10.be furnished with提供,布置

They are furnished with enough food.

11.be engaged in sth从事,忙于(=be busy with sth)

He has been engaged in writing novels.

12.be engaged to与……订婚

My daughter is engaged to a nice doctor.

13.be about to do sth.正要做……

I was just about to go swimming when our guide saw me and stopped me.

14.be fit to do/be fit for胜任;适合于

He is fit to do the work.

These books are not fit for children.

15.be worth doing值得做……

The film is worth seeing again.

16.be proud of以……而自豪骄傲

Prof. Cai is proud of his students.

17.be used to sth./doing sth.习惯于……

My grandpa is not used to living in the noisy city.

18.be content to do sth./with…甘愿于干……;满足于……

I am content with your work this time.

19.be content with对……感到满意

You should be content with what you have.

20.be up to应由……,轮到……

It's up to her to answer the question.

21.be meant/intended for打算给,打算用作

Is this valuable painting meant for me?

22.be connected with与……有联系

He was also connected with the government.

23.be crazy about对……狂热

Many young people are crazy about Hip-Hop.


1.break out爆发

The Anti—Japanese War broke out in 1937.

2.break in打断;闯入

Two robbers broke in and robbed the bank of a lot of money.

3. break into闯入;破门而入

They broke into the uncle’s bedroom and found the man lying on the floor。dead.

4.break away from脱离

Lincoln said it was not fight for the south to break away from the union.

5.break down(机器,车辆)坏了;失败了;摧毁;分解

We are sorry to arrive late, but the car broke down.

6.break through突破

The marchers broke through the line of the police.

7.break off折断;中断;断绝

Let’s break off for half an hour and have some tea.

8.break up驱散,拆散

The police broke up the crowd.


1.carry on进行

He had learned enough English to carry on a conversation

2.carry out执行;进行

They were carrying out an important experiment.

3.carry away拿走

Please carry these desks away.

4.carry off夺走,抢走

Some unknown man carried off the prize.


1.call on拜访某人,号召

We will call on Mr. Li tomorrow.

We are called on to help those in trouble.

2.call at拜访某地

I called at your office yesterday, but you were not in.

3.call for需要;要求;邀约(人);取(物)

Success called for hard work.

call for a doctor去请医生

4. call in 请来;收回

Mother is badly ill, so call in a doctor at once.

5.call up打电话;征召;回想起

I called Tom up and told him the news.

In most countries men are called up at the age of 18.

As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village called up scenes of my childhood.


1.catch/take/get hold of sth.抓住某物

Catch/Get/Take hold of the rope,and I'll pull you up.

2.catch up with赶上

Work hard and I am sure you are able to catch up with others in class.

3.catch fire着火;烧着

Last night a big building caught fire.

4.catch sight of发现;看到

When the mice caught sight of the cat,the mice run away as quickly as possible.

5.hold up举起;阻滞(交通等);耽搁

He held up one of his fingers and showed it to the class.

In the rush hour the traffic is hold up.

6.hold back阻止;控制

We must hold them back from fighting.

7.hold one’s breath憋住气,屏息

How long can you hold your breath under water?

8.hold out坚持;拿出

We must hold out until help comes.


1.come into…进入……状态

come into being(事物、局面等)产生;形成

The custom came into being long long ago.

2.come along过来;快点

Come along! It’s nearly eight o'clock.

3.come out出来;出版

How did the printing come out?

4.come true实现

I am sure your dream will come true one day.

5.come back to life苏醒过来

When the wounded soldier came back to life,he found himself in hospital.

6.come to the point说到要点,触及问题实质

7.come about发生,造成

The event came about as he had predicted it.

8.come across碰见

You’re the most beautiful woman I've ever come across.

同义词组:run across

I ran across an old friend in the street.

9.come to all end结束

Your duties here have come to an end.

10.come to light为人所知,显露

The robbery didn’t come to light until the next day.

11.come up with提出,想出

He came up with a new suggestion


1.do well in在某方面做得好

My cousin is a sailor and he is doing very well in the navy

2.do good to对……有好处

Doing morning exercises will do good to your health.

3.do harm to对……有害处

Too much noise does harm to our health.

4.do with处理

What did you do with our goods?

5.do sb a favour帮某人的忙

Will you do me a favour to carry it upstairs?

6.do up系纽扣;梳理

Look,your bottom isn’t done up.

do up one’s hair梳理头发


1.get in touch with同……取得联系

2.get up起床

He gets up very early every day.

3.get back回来;取回

I will get back next weekend.

4.get on上车

You shouldn’t get on the bus until it has stopped completely

5.get over克服;度过

You’ll soon get over these difficulties.

6.get off下车

The bus stopped and the passengers got off.

7.Get together相聚

We should go to a restaurant to get together.

8.get on/along well with与……相处融洽

I am getting on well with my classmates.

9.get into进人;陷入

Don’t get into the habit of smoking.

10.get into trouble陷入麻烦

11.get in a word插话

12.get rid of除掉

We aye doing our best to get rid of pollution.

13.get through通过;接通;完成;经历

I tried to telephone you but I couldn’t get through.

I will be with you as soon as I get through this work

14.get to到达

He had to get to the other side of street to attend a meeting

15.get about/around/round传开,传出去

The news of the disaster soon get about.

16.get across使理解

The teacher tried to explain the problem,but the explanation did not get across to the class.

17.get away离开

I was in a meeting and couldn’t get away.

18.get down to(doing)sth.安心做,开始认真干

You must get down to your studies this year.


1.give up放弃

I persuaded him to give up the foolish plan.

2.give in屈服;投降

He wouldn’t give in to the enemy.

3.give out用完;耗尽

Our food and water will give out soon.

4.get out of从……出来,摆脱,

He got out of debt.

5.give away分发;捐赠;泄露

He gave away most of his fortune to the poor work

Please don’t give my secret away.

6.give off放出

This engine gives off lots of smoke and steam.

7.give back归还;恢复

I hope that the holiday will give back my good spirits.


1.go ahead继续;干吧

He went ahead with the work and got it done.

2.go by(时间)过去;经过(地点)

Don’t let the good chance go by.

3.go out(灯、火)熄灭

When they arrived,the fire had gone out.

4.go on(doing)继续做某事

Please go on with your work.

5.go on to do sth.接着做另外的事

He went on to watch TV after he had finished his home一

6.go over检查;复习

When I came into the teacher's room,our teacher is going over our homework.

7.go through完成;通过;经历;仔细检察

During the night the computers go through the information.

She went through one hardship after another.

8.go all out(=try/do one’s best)竭尽全力

They went all out to build the dam.

9.go about开始着手,到处走动,传开

How does one go about getting the information.

10.go against违背

They are going against our wishes.

11.go back回家,追溯

This festival goes back to Roman times.

12.go for运用于,应用于’

The medicine went for nothing.

13.go in for参加,爱好

She went in for a singing competition.

14.go with相配

I want some shoes to go with these trousers.

15.go without不吃/喝/用

The poor boy often has to go without supper.

16.go beyond超过

That’s going beyond a joke.

17.go up上升,上涨

The goods have gone up in quality.

18.go down下降,降沉,下沉

The moon has gone down.


1.have a word with sb.和某人说句话

Could you spare a few minutes? I want to have a word with you.

2.have words with争吵

They’ve had words with her about money.

3.have(deep)effects on对……有(深远)影响

The book has great effects on his life.

4.have difficulty in/find difficulty in/have trouble in 做……有困难

We have/find difficulty in writing the composition.


1.keep on doing sth.继续或反复做某事

Marx kept on studying English and using it when he lived in London.

2.keep up坚持

Keep up your courage and you will succeed.

3.keep up with跟上

She can’t keep up with others.

4.keep back保留;阻止;隐瞒;拒留

She was in deep sorrow,but she kept back her tears.

5.keep away from远离

Keep children away from fire.

6.keep out of使……不进入

In the ancient time, the Great Wall was built in order to keep enemy out of country.

7.keep one’s word遵守诺言

I am sure you will keep your word.

8.keep in touch with与……保持联系

We have kept in touch with each other by writing letters.

9.keep silent保持沉默

He kept silent.about the matter.

10.keep/prevent/stop…from doing sth.制止(防止)……做某事

The heavy rain kept us from going out.

11.keep off使……远离

Please keep off the grass.


1.knock at敲(门、窗等)

Yon should knock at the door before coming in.

2.knock down撞倒

They make sure the cows not knock the young trees down or eat the leaves.

3.knock off撞掉下来

A child ran into the street and knocked the woman off her bicycle.

4.knock about连续打击/碰撞,漂泊,闲逛

He has knocked about all over Asia.


1.look up抬头;查阅

You may look up new word in a dictionary.

2.look out小心

Look out! The pan is on fire.

3.look into调查

We’ll further look into the matter.

4.look forward to盼望

We look forward to knowing the results of the exam.

5.look through仔细看;浏览

You have to look through the papers before you hand them in.

6.look up to尊敬

Young children should look up to old people.

7.look down upon瞧不起

The days are gone when women were looked down upon.

8.look like看起来

You look like your father.

9.look on…as(=treat/consider/take/think of...as) 把……看作

He looks on the computer as his friend.

10.look after照顾

When I am out,my husband looks after our baby.

11.look for寻找

What are you looking for?


1.make a dive for向……猛冲

The dog made a dive for the bone.

2.make an apology to向……道歉

He apologized/made an apology to her.

3.be made up of组成

Two thirds of the earth’s surface is made up of vast ocean.

4.make up组成;化妆;打扮;补充;弥补;编造

Great Britain and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom.

It took her more than one hour to make up for the party.

The whole story is made up.

5.make room for给……腾地方

Would you like to make room for the old lady?

6.make up one’s mind下决心

I have made up my mind to work harder than before.

7.make up for弥补

We must make up for the time wasted before.

8.make use of利用

We should make full use of the books in the library.

9.make one’s way排除困难前进

After the film ended we made our way out of cinema.

10.make progress进步

With the teacher's help,I have made much progress.

11.make repairs修理

They are making repairs in that building

12.make a promise许诺言

Father made a promise to buy me a new computer.

13.make a living谋生

He began to make a living by himself when he was ten.

14.make the best of尽量利用

Mother didn’t enjoy his job,but she made the best of it.

15.make for走向,前往

They set off by car and made for the nearest town.

16.make out认出,理解

We made out a figure in the darkness.

It’s difficult to make out his ideas.

17.make it成功,及时达到

After hard—working,we made it at last.


1.put away放好;收起来

Put the books away after reading.

2.put down记下;平息 .

Put down the gentleman’s address.

3.put out扑灭;出版

It took the fire—fighters four hours to put out the fire.

4.put up举起;建造;张贴;公布,投宿

Many new high buildings have been put up in our city.

5.put up with(=stand/bear)忍受

He is prepared to put up with it for the time being.

6.put on穿上;上演;增加

We will put on the new play next month.

7.put off延期;拖延

The sports meet will be put off because of the bad weather.

8.put through完成;(打电话)把……接通

Can you put me through to this number?

9.put forward提出建议,拨快(钟等)

The doctor put forward a good suggestion.


1.take up占用(时间;空间);从事

The piano takes up too much space in the room.


We don’t allow taking books out of the reading room.

3.take sides站在……一边

Switzerland didn’t take sides in the First World War.

4.take place发生

The strike took place just before liberation.

5.take the place of代替

Now cotton can be taken the place of by many other materials.

6.take one’s place就座;代替某人职位

They took their places before the meeting began.

7.take it easy别着急

Take it easy,and you are not badly i11.

8.take off脱掉;起飞;成功

The plane takes off at eight.

They not just made progress but took off.

9.take part in参加

Martin Luther King took a leading part in the great march.

10.take pride in以……而自豪

He took pride in being a student in Beijing University.

11.take away(from)拿走;使停留,使离开

The child was taken away from school,not allowed to at.

12.take in欺骗,摄取

take on雇用,接受(工作),呈现(品质、面貌)

take over接管

The pretty girl took in my feeling.

You’d better take in some fruits.

Yon have taken on too much.

The frogs can take on the colours of its background.

He is taking over my job while I'm on holiday.