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高中英语Module 11Unit 3

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高中英语Module 11Unit 3
  1. receipt n.
  【点拨】 “收到;收据;收入”如:I wrote her a receipt for the money. 我为那笔钱给她开了张收据。
  【拓展】 v.“收到,开收据”如:His work is to receipt for each lot of goods. 他的工作是给每一批货物开收据。
  【高考链接】 —Can you tell us your ______for happiness and a long life? (2016江苏卷24)
  —Living every day to the full, definitely.
  A. recipe B. record
  C. range D. receipt
  【解析】 A。试题分析:考查名词词义辨析。名词recipe秘诀,食谱,药方;record记录;range范围;receipt收据,收条;根据句意可知A项意为“秘诀”,与上下文相符。
  2. tire v.
  【点拨】 vi.“疲劳;厌倦”vt.“使……疲劳;使……厌倦”n.“轮胎;头饰”如:The girl tires easily. 这女孩容易疲劳。If driving tires you, take the train. 如果开车使你疲劳,那就坐火车吧。The right tire blew out. 右轮胎爆裂了。
  【拓展】 tire of“厌倦,厌烦”如:I have tired of these computer games. 我已经对这些电脑游戏感到厌烦。
  tired adj.“疲倦的;厌倦的,厌烦的”如:He dragged his tired feet slowly along.他拖着疲倦的步子慢慢地走着。Michael is tired and he has to rest.迈克尔累了,他不得不休息。
  be tired out=be worn out“疲惫不堪”;be tired of = be bored with“厌倦了”如:They were cold, hungry and tired out.他们又冷又饿,疲惫不堪。You may be tired of working for someone else.你可能厌倦了为别人工作了。
  3. boom v.
  【点拨】 vt.“使兴旺;发隆隆声”vi.“急速发展;发隆隆声”n.“繁荣;吊杆;隆隆声”如:How long can the present business boom last? 目前这种商业繁荣能持续多久? But some of the boom is based on hope. 但是,也有些繁荣是建立在希望之上。
  【拓展】 boom town“新兴城市”;boom years=boom times“繁荣时期”;boom out“低沉地发出;用低沉的声音说话”如:They had the jobs in the boom times and bought homes. 他们曾经在经济繁荣的时代有过工作,买了房子。I’ve been in Las Vegas for 20 years and it’s always been a boom town. 我已在拉斯维加斯20年了,它一直都是一个繁荣的城市。His voice boomed out from his office. 他的声音响亮地从办公室里发出来。
  4. possess v.
  【點拨】 vt.“拥有,具备;持有;控制;使掌握”如:Some animals possess the characteristic of man.有些动物具有人类的特征。
  【拓展】 possessive adj.“所有的;占有的;所有格的”possession n.“拥有;财产;领地;自制;着迷”常用词组:have possession of拥有;take / gain / get possession of拿到,占有;in possession of拥有;in one’s possession = in the possession of sb. 某物为某人所有

 5. shrink v.
  【点拨】 vt.“退缩;使缩小;使收缩”vi.“收缩;畏缩”n.“收缩;畏缩”如:This kind of cloth shrinks easily. 这种布爱缩水。How much must we allow for the shrink? 要留多少缩水长度?There’s a cat shrinking on the sofa. 有只猫蜷缩在沙发上。
  【拓展】 shrink into oneself“缩作一团;变得沉默寡言”;shrink from sb.“不见某人”;shrink from doing sth.“不愿做某事”如:Facing the disease, no one can shrink from helping the victims.面对这一灾难,没有人会不伸出援手,帮助那些受灾的人。
  1. take off
  【点拨】 take off“起飞;脱下;离开;休假;成功”如:The plane will take off at ten. 飞机将于十点钟起飞。He wouldn’t take his hat off. 他不愿脱下他的帽子。Her schedule hadn’t permitted her to take time off. 她的日程表已不允许她休假。Smith took off at once and headed for the hotel. 史密斯出人意料地立即就离开了,然后回到了旅馆。In 2008, he met Alice, and his career took off. 他于2008年遇到爱丽丝,从此他的事业飞黄腾达。
  【高考链接】 Many businesses started up by college students have ______ thanks to the comfortable climate for business creation. (2016江苏卷30)
  A. fallen off B. taken off
  C. turned off D. left off
  【解析】 B。试题分析:考查动词短语辨析。短语fall off跌落,下降;take off起飞,成功,受欢迎;turn off关闭;leave off停止,中断;根据句意可知B正确。
  【拓展】 由take构成的其他词组:take away拿去,取走,减去;take down拿下,取下,记下;take hold of抓住,掌握;take in收进,理解,欺骗;take out取出,除去;take part in参加;take it easy别紧张,悠然自得,轻轻松松;take up拿起,开始从事,接纳,占;take advantage of利用
  2. fold up
  【点拨】 “倒闭;撒手;垮台;放弃;折叠”如:
  Many larger enterprises folded up during those difficult years. 在那些困难的岁月里许多大企业都倒闭了。
  Fold up the chairs after sleeping. 睡过觉把椅子折起来。
  When his wife left him, he simply folded up. 他妻子离他而去后,他就完全垮掉了。
  3. be blessed with sb. / sth.
  【点拨】 bless vt.“祝福,保佑,赞美”如:God bless you all. 愿上帝保佑你们。Fate blessed him with great talent. 命运之神赋予它伟大的天才。
  be blessed with sth. / sb. 赋予(能力等);享有 (幸福等) 如:Both are blessed with an uncommon ability to fix things. 两人都有幸具有不寻常的修理东西的能力。
  【拓展】 blessed adj.“幸福的,受祝福的,神圣的”如:But I also feel very blessed to be able to do what I do. 但是我也对自己能够做想做的事感到非常幸运。
  blessing n. “祝福,赐福,祷告”如:A double blessing has fallen upon the house. 双喜临门。
  4. pass away
  【点拨】 pass away“度过,消磨时间,消失,死亡”如:
  The storm should pass away before dark. 天黑前风暴就会停止了。
  Talking with friends soon passes an evening away. 和朋友聊天一个晚上很快就度過了。
  【拓展】 由pass构成的其他词组:pass by经过;走过;逝去;pass down传下来;遗传;pass into考进;逐渐变成;pass off停止;完成;忽视;pass on传递;pass on to传给;传达;传递……给……;pass out昏倒;失去知觉;分发;pass over越过;忽视;宽恕;回避;pass through穿过……;通过……;pass to传到;转到;讨论;pass up拒绝;把……向上递

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