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高中英语M5U1 Vocabulary

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高中英语M5U1 Vocabulary
1. betray vt. 出卖,背叛; 泄露;(无意中)暴露  betrayal n.    
Nothing can make you sadder than feeling betrayed by your friends.
When I tell someone I will not betray his confidence I keep my word.当我对人说我不会辜负他的信任时,我会说到做到。
They offered me money if I would betray my associates.如果我出卖自己的同伴,他们就会给我钱。
She studied his face, but it betrayed nothing.她审视着他的脸,但他却丝毫不露声色。
She felt that what she had done was a betrayal of Patrick.她觉得自己的所作所为是对帕特里克的背叛。
2. pretend vi. vt. 假装,装扮
He pretended that he was innocent.  他假装无辜。
He pretended to be friendly with me.   他假装对我友善。
3. cheerful adj. 愉快的; 令人愉快的 cheer n. vi. vt. 欢呼, 加油
Paddy was always cheerful and jolly.帕迪总是很高兴,很开心。
The colonel was rewarded with a resounding cheer from the men. 上校被这些人们报以一阵响亮的欢呼。
The crowd cheered as she went up the steps to the bandstand.当她走上演奏台的台阶时,人群欢呼起来。
Cheer up! Our troubles will soon be over.   振作起来!我们的困难很快就会过去。
The news cheered him up.    这消息使他高兴起来。
She did her best to cheer him on when he was about to give up.   当他快要放弃时她尽力鼓励他。
4. admit vt. vi. 承认; 允许进入; 容纳
You must admit the task to be difficult. 你得承认这个任务是艰巨的。
We have to admit that he's a highly competent man. 我们必须承认他是个非常能干的人。
I admitted breaking the window. 我承认打破了窗子。
I must admit to feeling ashamed of my conduct.我得承认因自己的行为而感到羞惭。
No one but ticket-holders was admitted to/into the park 只有持票者方可入园。
The theater admits 1000 people. 这剧院可容纳一千人。
This matter admits of no delay. 这事不容耽搁。
5. beg vt. vi. 请求,恳求; 乞讨  beggar n. 乞丐
From whom did he beg this money? 他向谁讨到这钱的?
She begged him to remain at home. 她恳求他呆在家里.
The blind man begged for a living. 那个盲人以乞讨为生。
The criminal begged for mercy. 那个罪犯恳求饶恕。
A beggar is someone who lives by asking people for money or food.
I beg your pardon./Beg your pardon.请原谅(用于做了错事道歉时), 对不起(用于没听清)
---You've just stepped on my foot! ---I beg your pardon. ---你刚才踩了我的脚!---请原谅。
---Have you finished reading the book?--- Beg your pardon? ---你看完那本书了吗?---对不起,你说什么?
6. swear-swore-sworn vt. vi. 发誓; 郑重承诺; 咒骂
It's wrong to swear and shout.骂人和喊叫是不对的。
The witness swore to tell the truth. 证人起誓保证讲真话
7. spy vi. 从事间谍活动; 搜集情报 n. 间谍 spy on 暗中监视, 窥探
He was jailed for five years as a spy. 他被指控为间谍而被监禁了5年。
The agent spied for East Germany for more than twenty years. 该特工为东德从事了二十多年的间谍活动。
East and West are still spying on one another.东方和西方仍在相互暗中监视着。
8. truly adv. 真诚地,衷心地(sincerely)
9. forgive-forgave-forgiven vt. 原谅,宽恕
We forgave him his rudeness. 我们原谅了他的无礼。
Forgive me, I don't mean to insult you.请原谅我,我不是有意侮辱你。
He forgave her for what she had said to him. 他原谅她对他说过的那些话。
10. superb adj. 极佳的;卓越的( excellent, brilliant, remarkable)
11. focus vi. vt. 集中注意力于……;(使)聚焦 n. 焦点;重点 focus on= concentrate on 使聚焦于,集中于   focus/ fix one’s attention on in focus 焦点对准,清晰       out of focus 焦点没对准,模糊
If you focus on a particular topic or if your attention is focused on it, you concentrate on it and think about it, discuss it, or deal with it, rather than dealing with other topics. 关注
Kelly couldn't focus his eyes well enough to tell if the figure was male or female.凯利无法看清那个人影是男的还是女的。
The UN's role in promoting peace is increasingly the focus of international attention.联合国在促进和平方面的作用越来越成为国际关注的焦点。
We want to keep the real issues in focus.我们要让真正的问题受到关注。
12. pace n. 速度; 步伐; 节奏 keep pace with (与…..)步调一致; (与……)同步 accelerate the pace of 加速, 促进
She works so fast that I can’t keep pace with her.
They could not stand the pace or the workload.他们受不了工作的节奏和负荷。
13. manner n. 方式;态度;举止 manners 礼貌 in this manner 用这个方式
I'm a professional and I have to conduct myself in a professional manner.我是专业人士,必须以专业方式行事。
If someone has good manners, they are polite and observe social customs. If someone has bad manners, they are impolite and do not observe these customs. 礼貌
14. horrible adj. 极坏的,糟糕的;恐怖的,令人震惊的(terrible) horrify vt. 使恐惧 horror n.恐怖
Her voice sounds horrible.她的嗓音难听死了。
We were horrified by what we saw. 所看到的情景令我们恐惧。
She sat motionlessly with horror. 她惊恐地呆坐着。
15. guilty adj. 内疚的; 有罪的 guilt n. 有罪,内疚
They were found guilty of murder. 他们被判犯有谋杀罪。
The manager was guilty of an important misjudgement. 经理犯了一个重大的判断错误。
I felt guilty about breaking my promise. 我违背诺言后感到内疚。
Her emotions had ranged from anger to guilt in the space of a few seconds.她的情绪在几秒钟内由愤怒转为内疚。
16. cruel adj. 伤人的; 残酷的,残忍的 cruelty n.
17. remark vi. vt. n. 谈论,评论 (on/ upon)
A local newspaper remarked that crime was on the decrease. 一家地方报纸评论说犯罪案件在减少。
Prof. Smith remarked on the difference between the two dictionaries. 史密斯教授谈到了这两本词典的不同之处。
He had a habit of making humorous remarks. 他有说幽默话的习惯。
18. dislike/ like/ hate/ appreciate/ see to 务必, 确保/ depend on it +从句
I dislike it when others laugh at me in public or think poorly of me behind.
I hate it when people talk with their mouths full.
We would appreciate it if you could offer us any help .
See to it that you are here punctually tomorrow. 明天你务必要准时到这里.
19. argue vi. vt.争吵,争论 argument n. 争吵,论据,论点  argue with sb about/ over sth
If you argue with someone about something, you discuss it with them, with each of you giving your different opinions. 讨论
He argued against the plan. 他据理反对这个计划。
Columbus argued that the world was round. 哥伦布认为地球是圆形的。
We argued her out of going on such a dangerous journey. 我们说服她不要去作这样危险的旅行。
20. awkward adj. 令人尴尬的, 别扭的; 笨拙的     awful adj. 糟糕的,可怕的
21. apologize to sb for sth = make an apology to sb for sth   apologetic adj.
He apologized to her for not going to her party. 他因为没有出席她举行的宴会而向她表示歉意。
When Mary finally appeared, she made her apologies to Mrs. Velasquez.当玛丽最终露面时,她向委拉斯开兹夫人道了歉。
She was apologetic for/about not keeping her promise. 她对自己未能遵守诺言表示歉意。
22. quarrel n. vi. 争吵
He is good-natured and has never had a quarrel with anyone about anything.
She often quarreled with her husband over trivial['triviəl](琐细的,不重要的) matters.
23. sensitive adj. 易生气的, 敏感的;  体贴的, 能理解的
Young people are very sensitive about their appearance.年轻人对自己的外貌很敏感。
The classroom teacher must be sensitive to a child's needs.课堂教师必须理解孩子的需求。
24. athletic adj. 擅长运动的; 健壮的   athlete n. 运动员the school athletic meet/ an athletic boy
They have been given college scholarships purely on athletic ability.他们完全凭他们的运动才能获得了大学奖学金。
Mark Spitz was a great athlete.马克·斯皮茨是一名伟大的运动员。
25. envy vt. n. 羡慕, 忌妒
She said it out of envy. 她出于嫉妒说了这话。
His talent is the envy of his colleagues. 他的同事都羡慕他的才能。(羡慕之处)
I envy you your good luck. 我羡慕你的好运。
26. blame vt. 责备,指责; 归咎于  n. (坏事或错事的)责任; 责备,指责
Don't blame me for the delay.别责备我耽误了。
They blamed the accident on him.他们把这个意外事故归咎于他。
Who is to blame for the failure?谁该为这次的失败负责?
I am ready to take/bear the blame for the mistake. 我准备承担这一错误的责任。
27. gifted/ talented adj. 有天赋的,有天才的 gift n. 礼物,天赋
Someone who is gifted has a natural ability to do something well. 有天赋的
The boy has a gift/ talent for music. 这男孩有音乐天赋。
28.disagreement n. 分歧, 争论, 意见不一  agree vt. vi. 同意, 意见一致
I am in total disagreement with you as to the value of your plan. 对你计划的价值我的看法与你的完全两样。
Do you agree to my plan? 你接受我的计划吗?
I don't agree with Phil on many things. 我和菲尔在许多事情上意见不一致。
This bill does not agree with your original estimate. 这张帐单与你当初的估计不符。
29. before long = soon 不久, 很快
30. amuse vt. 使人发笑,使娱乐  amusement n. 娱乐, 消遣方式  amusement park 游乐场  
The thought seemed to amuse him.这个想法好像让他觉得好笑。
People had very few amusements to choose from. There was no radio, or television.那时人们可选择的消遣方式很少。没有收音机,也没有电视。
31. identity n. 身份 identify vt. vi. 认出,认为……密切相关
His driver's license revealed(显示) his identity. 他的驾驶执照证明了他的身份。
She identified him as her attacker. 她认出他就是袭击她的人。
Never identify wealth with happiness. 千万不要把财富和幸福等同起来。
32. absurd adj. 荒唐的,怪诞的
It is absurd to go out in such terrible weather. 在这么恶劣的天气里出去太荒唐。
33. overcome-overcame-overcome vt. 克服, 解决
The learner of a second language has many obstacles to overcome. 第二语言学习者有许多障碍要克服。
He was overcome by the heat. 他热得受不了。
34. get through通过 ,完成,接通(电话) get sth across 传达,使理解 get over 解决, (从不快或疾病中)恢复过来
get along/on with       get around (消息,谣言等)传开  get down to doing   get it / got it        get off/ on
When you get through with your work, let's go out. 你完成工作后,我们出去吧。
I rang you several times but couldn't get through. 我给你打了几次电话,可是没打通。
She can't get over her shyness. 她无法克服她的羞怯心理。
She seemed to get over the death of her husband in no time. 她好像很快就从失去丈夫的哀伤中恢复过来。
Officers felt their point of view was not getting across to the generals.军官们觉得将军们还没有理解他们的观点。
They threw him out because word got around that he was taking drugs.他们解雇了他,因为有传言说他在吸毒。
With the election out of the way, the government can get down to business.选举已结束,政府能够着手处理正事了。
I don't get it; please explain. 我不懂,请解释一下。
How is he getting on with that novel he is writing? 他正在创作的那部小说进展如何?
Does she get on with your aunt?她与你的姨母相处得如何?
35. acquaintance n. 泛泛之交,熟人;略有交情,(与某人)认识acquaint vt. 使熟悉,使了解
She has many acquaintances in the business community. 她在商界有不少熟人。
I have some/an acquaintance with Spanish. 我懂一点西班牙语
I made the acquaintance of Tom when on holiday in Spain. 我是在西班牙度假时结识汤姆的。
If you acquaint someone with something, you tell them about it so that they know it. If you acquaint yourself with something, you learn about it. 使了解
36. an attitude toward/ to
37. anchor vt. 扎根于,使基于,下锚,使固定 n.锚
An anchor is a heavy hooked object that is dropped from a boat into the water at the end of a chain in order to make the boat stay in one place. 锚
We could anchor off the pier.我们可以在码头抛锚。
Art must be anchored in life. (be rooted in )艺术必须扎根于生活。
38. be based on 以......为基础,以……为根据base n. 基地,底部,基础  vt. 以……为基础  basic adj. 基本的 basis n. 基础
Gunfire was heard at an army base close to the airport.在临近机场的一个军事基地听到了枪声。
The base of an object such as a box or vase is the lower surface of it that touches the surface it rests on. (箱或瓶等器皿的) 底部
He based his conclusions on the evidence given by the captured prisoners.他根据俘虏提供的证据得出了自己的结论。
This play is based on a true story. 这出戏以真事为基础。
The film was produced based on a real story. 这部电影根据一真实的故事创作.
These poor people lack the basic necessities of life. 这些穷人缺乏生活的基本必需品。
Is it accurate to predict the result on the basis of one secret vote? 以一次不记名投票为基础预测结果准确吗?
39. cautious adj. 谨慎的,小心的 caution n.     be cautious of/about 对……小心 with caution 小心地
The boss is cautious about making promises. 老板对承诺持谨慎态度。
Life is a chess and we should be cautious of taking every step.人生就是一盘棋,我们要谨慎走好每一步棋.
Dad always drives with caution. 爸爸开车一直十分小心。
40. eager adj. 热切的, 急不可待的(anxious, desperate)
She is eager for success. 她渴望成功。
Maggie was eager to visit me.麦琪急于来看我。
We're anxious for your safe return.我们盼望你平安归来。
We were anxious that there be no misunderstanding. 我们极愿没有误解。
I'm really anxious to see him. 我急于见他。
He was desperate for work to provide for a large family.他渴望有个工作,挣钱供养子女众多的家。
41. repond vi. 做出反应,回应 response un.
Has she responded to your letter? 她有没有回过你的信?
The pilot said the plane did not respond to the controls.飞行员说这架飞机对操纵系统反应不灵敏。
He made no response to my question. 他对我的问题不予回答。
She laughed in response to his jokes. 她听了他的笑话大笑。
42. regardless of 不管,不顾
Regardless of danger, he climbed the tower.他不顾危险地爬上了高塔。
43. security n. 平安,安全;安全措施  secure adj. 安全的, 无虑的, 有把握的, 稳固的vt. 获得,使安全public security/ security system 
Two guards looked after the security of the property. 两个警卫看管财产的安全。
Now my house is secure against burglary. 现在我的房子无被盗窃之危险。
Our success is secure. 我们的成功是有把握的。
His place in history is now secure. 他在历史上的地位现在已经稳固了。
He secured a position in a store at US$400 a week. 他在一家商店获得了一份每周四百美元的工作。
Some measures are needed to secure the farmland against shifting sand. 需要采取措施使农田免遭流沙的侵袭。
44. end up 最后成为,最终处于
If you don't know what you want, you might end up getting something you don't want.如果你不知道自己想要什么,你可能会到头来得到自己不想要的东西。
If you don't listen to me, you'll end up in failure. 如果你不听我的话,你会以失败告终。
Their experiment ended with success.他们的实验成功了。
45. rely vi. 依靠,依赖; 信赖,指望  reliable adj. 可信赖的,可靠的 unreliable
The villagers here rely on wells for their water. 这儿的村民用水全靠井
We can rely on him to help us. 我们可以指望他帮助我们。
Health depends on good food, fresh air and enough sleep. 健康依靠的是良好的食物,新鲜的空气和充足的睡眠。
It depends on the weather. 这取决于天气。
She was efficient and reliable.她既能干又可靠。
46. revision n. 复习,修订  revise vt.
He revised his story to make it shorter. 他修改了他的故事,把它缩短了。
Revising for exams gives you a chance to bring together all the individual parts of the course.考前复习给你一个把课程各独立部分融会贯通的机会。
When people who are studying do revision, they read things again and make notes in order to prepare for an examination.
47. thanks to 幸亏,由于
48.committed adj. 尽心尽力的, 坚定的,坚信的 commit vt. 犯(罪,错); 把……交付给, 使承担责任  commitment n. 犯罪,托付,承诺
I committed an error in handling the business. 我在处理这一业务时犯了一个错误。
There are unconfirmed reports he tried to commit suicide.有未经证实的报道说他曾企图自杀。
The child was committed to the nurse's care. 孩子被交给护士照顾。
He didn't commit himself to anything.他没有作任何承诺。
I felt I did not have to make such a commitment to them. 我觉得我没有必要对他们作出那样的承诺。
49. mercy n. 宽恕,仁慈
The commander showed mercy to the prisoners of war. 司令官对战俘十分怜悯。
They have little mercy on their enemy. 他们对敌人毫不宽容。
A sailor is at the mercy of the weather. 水手受到天气的摆布。 没有相关文章

高中英语M5U1 Vocabulary
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