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Module10 Unit4知识点归纳

作者:殷华新    文章来源:泰州市第三高级中学    更新时间:2017-1-28

Module10 Unit4知识点归纳
  1. involve vt. 包含;(使)参加;牵涉,涉及
  What does the job of editing involve? 编辑工作包含些什么?
 Dont involve me in your quarrel. 不要把我卷入你们的争吵。
  involve sb. in (doing) sth. 把某人牵涉到某事里
  be / get involved with... 和……有牵连;参与……中
  Im afraid your sons been involved in an accident. 恐怕你的儿子牵涉进了一起事故中。
  More than 30 software firms were involved in the project. 三十多家软件公司参与了这项工程。
  He is now involved in stocks. 他现在热衷于股票。
  2. offensive adj. 冒犯的,极其讨厌的;攻击性的
  offensive behavior 无礼的行为
  an offensive smell 令人讨厌的气味
  John was charged with possessing an offensive weapon. 约翰因为拥有攻击性武器而被指控。
  offend v. 冒犯,使生气;使反感
  Lily was offended by such a personal question. 提这样私人的问题让莉莉很生气。
  offence n. 得罪,冒犯行为
  The problem was how to say “no” to her without causing offence. 问题是怎样对她说“不”而又不得罪她。
  3. ripe adj. 适宜的,时机成熟的;(水果或庄稼)成熟的
  The strawberries are ripe enough to be picked. 草莓已经熟得可以采收了。
  ripen v. (果实、谷物等)熟,使……熟;成熟
  Our wheat has ripened. 我们的小麦已经成熟了。
  be ripe for sth. 适宜做某事,做某事条件成熟
  The former factory area is ripe for development. 这片从前的厂区可以开发了。
  The time is ripe for... 做某事的时机成熟了
  The time is ripe for a review of progress up to now. 是时候回顾一下到目前为止所取得的进步了。
  4. suspect n. 嫌疑犯,可疑对象;suspects for the robbery 抢劫案的嫌疑犯
  Two suspects were arrested today in connection with the robbery. 有两名与劫案有关的嫌疑人今天被逮捕。
  main / prime / chief suspect 首要嫌疑人
  v. 怀疑(某人有罪);怀疑(某事属实或可能发生,尤指坏事)
  suspect sb. of sth.
  She suspected him of taking her money. 她怀疑他拿了她的钱。
  suspect that
  I suspected that there was something wrong with the engine. 我怀疑发动机出了什么故障。
  suspect sb. to be...
  I suspect him to be the pickpocket. = I suspect (that) he is the pickpocket. 我怀疑他就是那个扒手。
  注意:suspect后不跟whether引导的从句;doubt 可以跟whether。
  She strongly doubt / suspect he was lying to her.
  You can complain, but I doubt whether itll make any difference.
  5. negotiate vt. /vi. 商定;谈判,协商
  negotiation n. 交涉,协商,谈判
  They want to negotiate / enter into negotiations with the Government about compensation. 他们想开始和政府进行有关赔偿的谈判。
  negotiate (with sb.) about / on / over / for sth.
  We negotiated with the school about tuition increase. 我们与校方协商学费调高问题。
  negotiate an agreement / contract 商定一份协议
  Union leaders have negotiated an agreement for a shorter working week. 工会领袖已经商定了一份缩短每周工作时间的协议。
  6. charge n. 费用;控制、负责;指控;电荷、充电
  free of charge 免费
  in charge (of sth.) 负责
  Gas charges will rise in July. 汽油收费在七月份会上涨。
  Guided tours are provided at no charge. 提供免费带导游的旅行。
  Your order will be sent free of charge (=at no cost). 你的订单将被免费送出去。
  He asked to speak to the person in charge. 他要求与负责的人说话。
  Stern put Tim in charge of (=gave him control of) the research team. Stern让Tim负责研究小组。
  Jefferson is facing a charge of armed robbery. 杰斐逊正面临一项武装抢劫的指控。
  Leave the battery on charge all night. 让电池充一夜的电。
  v. 收费;指控;进攻、袭击;充电
  The restaurant charged us £40 for the wine. 饭店收了我们40英镑的酒钱。
  Gibbons has been charged with murder. Gibbons已经因为谋杀而受到起诉。
  Then, with a final effort, our men charged the enemy for the last time. 然后,我们的人用最后的努力向敌人发起了最后一次进攻。
  The bear charged towards her at full speed. 熊全速地向她冲去。
  The shaver can be charged up and used while traveling. 这种刮胡刀能在旅行的时候充电并使用。
  7. suspension n. 暂停,中止;暂时停职(停学);暂时除名;减震装置;悬浮液,悬胶体
  He is set to return to football after a three match suspension. 他在被罚停赛三场之后将回到足球队中。
  suspend v. 暂停,中止;暂令停职(停学);悬,挂吊
  suspend sb. from sth. 从……中停职(学)
  suspend sth. from sth. 把……悬挂在……上
  suspend judgment 暂不作出判断
  be suspended in 在……中悬浮
  The doctor has been suspended from duty. 那位医生被暂时要求停职。

  1. as well 也、又
  We are going on a picnic. Why dont you come along as well? 我们打算去野炊,你为什么不也一起去呢?
  2. refer to sb. / sth.
  1) 提到
  Dont refer to this matter again, please. 请不要再提及这件事了。
  2) 与某人/某事物有关
  What I have to say refers to all of you. 我要说的事和你们大家都有关。
  3) 参考,向……咨询
  refer to a dictionary / an expert 查词典/询问专家
  I referred to my watch for the exact time. 我看了一下手表好知道准确的时间。
  4) refer A to B将A送交B
  They are planning to refer the issue to the head office. 他们正计划把这个问题向总部提交。
  I was referred to the inquiry office. 人家叫我去问讯处。
  3. keep up 继续,坚持;保持,维持
  If this rain keeps up, the garden will be ruined. 如果继续下雨,园子就毁了。
  keep your courage up! 不要气馁!不要灰心!
  keep up with 跟上;不落后;赶上
  Dont run—I cant keep up with you. 不要跑——我跟不上你。

Module10 Unit4学习重点
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Module10 Unit4知识点归纳
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