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上编 飞鸟
乌鸦和水罐 The Crow and the Pitcher /1
燕子和乌鸦 The Swallow and the Crow /2
乌鸦和渡鸦 The Crow and the Raven /3
乌鸦和墨丘利 The Crow and Mercury /4
乌鸦和毒蛇 The Crow and the Serpent /5
白费力气的穴乌 The Vain Jackdaw /6
乌鸦和绵羊The Crow and the Sheep /7
穴乌和鸽子 The Jackdaw and the Doves /8
鹰和穴乌 The Eagle and the Jackdaw /9
穴乌和狐狸 The Jackdaw and the Fox /10
渡鸦和天鹅 The Raven and the Swan /11
狼和鹤 The Wolf and the Crane /12
农夫和鹳 The Farmer and the Stork /13
孔雀和鹤 The Peacock and the Crane /14
野鹅和鹤 The Geese and the Cranes /16
鹰和箭 The Eagle and the Arrow /17
鹰和捕鹰者 The Eagle and His Captor /18
鹰和夜莺 The Hawk and the Nightingale /19
鹰和鹞子 The Eagle and the Kite /20
生病的鹞子 The Sick Kite /22
口渴的鸽子 The Thirsty Pigeon /23
老鹰,鹞子和鸽子 The Hawk,the Kite,and the Pigeons /24
鸽子和乌鸦 The Dove and the Crow /25
猫头鹰和百鸟 The owl and the Birds /26
蚂蚱和猫头鹰 The Grasshopper and the Owl /28
燕子,毒蛇和法院 The Swallow,the Serpent,and the Court of Justice /30
鹞子和天鹅 The Kites and the Swans /31
天鹅和家鹅 The Swan and the Goose /32
鹧鸪和捕鸟人 The Partridge and the Fowler /33
捕鸟人,鹅鸪和公鸡The Birdcatcher,the Partridge,and the Cock /34
百灵鸟和她的孩子们 The Lark and Her Young Ones /36
画眉鸟和捕鸟人 The Thrush and the Fowler /38
百灵葬父 The Lark Burying Her Father /39
下编 虫物
小蚊子和狮子 The Gnat and the Lion /40
蜜蜂和朱庇特 The Bee and Jupiter /42
小蚊子和公牛 The Gnat and the Bull /44
苍蝇和糖罐 The Flies and the Honey-Pot /45
苍蝇和赶车的骡子 The Fly and the Draught-Mule /46
悉头和苍蝇 The Bald Man and the Hy /47
玛蚁和鸽子 The Ant and the Dove /48
吗蚁和蚂蚱 The Ants and the Grasshopper /49
敢榄树和无花果 The Olive-Tree and the Fig-Tree /50
瓜狸和荆棘The Fox and the Bramble /51
石榴树,苹果树和荆棘 The Pomegranate,Apple-Tree,and Bramble /52
杉树和荆棘 The Fir-Tree and the Bramble /53
橡树和芦苇 The Oak and t11e Reeds /54
橡树和朱庇特 The Oaks and Jupiter /56
橡树和樵夫 The Oak and the Woodcutters /57
树和斧头 The Trees and the Axe /58
胡桃树 The Walnut-Tree /59
玫瑰和长生草 The Rose and the Antranth /60
河和海 The Rivers and the Sea /61
大山临产 The Mountain in Labor /62
两个罐子 The Two Pots /63
北风和太阳 The North Wind and the Sun /64
油灯 The Lamp /65
上编 劳动
农夫和蛇 The Farmer and the Snake /66
农工和蛇 The Laborer and the Snake /67
农夫l和鹤 The Farmer and the Cranes /68
农夫和他的儿子们 The Farmer and His Sons /69
农场里的狮子 The Lion in a Farmyard /70
黄蜂,鹋鸪和农夫 The Wasps,the Partridges,and the Farmer /71
农夫和苹果树 The Peasant and the Apple-Tree /72
马和马夫 The Horse and Groom /73
牧人和丢失的公牛 The Herdsmarrand the Lost Bull /74
山羊和牧羊人 The Goat and the Goatherd /75
牧羊人和野山羊 The Goatherd and the Wild Goats /76
牧羊人和海 The Shepherd and the Sea /78
牧羊人和狼 The Shepherd and the Wolf /80
牧羊人和狗 The Shepherd and the Dog /81
牧羊人和羊 The Shepherd and the Sheep /82
猎人和渔夫 The Huntsman and the Fisherman /83
猎人和樵夫 The Hunter and the Woodman /84
猎人和骑手 The Hunter and the Horseman /85
捕鸟者和蝰蛇 The Fowler and the Viper /86
渔夫和小鱼 The Fisherman and the Little Fish /87
吹笛子的渔夫 The Fisherman Piping /88
渔夫和他的网 The Fisherman and His Nets /89
渔夫们 The Fishermen /90
三个工匠 The Three Tradesmen /91
臭皮匠变医生 The Cobbler Turned Doctor /92
富人和皮匠 The Rich Man and the Tanner /94
卖神像的人 The Seller of Images /95
烧炭人和漂洗工 The Charcoal-Burner and the Fuller /96
旅人和他的狗 The Traveler and His Dog /97
两个旅人和斧头 The Two Travelers and the Axe /98
熊和两个旅人 The Bear and the Two Travelers /99
海边的旅人 The Seaside Travelers /100
驴子和他的影子 The Ass and His Shadow /101
旅人和阔叶树 The Travelers and the Plane-Tree /102
真理和旅人 Truth and the Traveler /103
下编 生活
父亲和儿子们 The Father and His Sons /104
父亲和他的两个女儿 The Father and His Two Daughters /105
兄和妹 The Brother and the Sister /106
母亲和狼 The Mother and the Wolf /108
丈夫和妻子 The Man and His Wife /110
男孩和青蛙 The Boys and the Frogs /111
牧童和狼 The Shepherd"s Boy and the Wolf /112
逮蚂蚱的男孩 The Boy Hunting Locusts /113
小偷和他的妈妈 The Thief and His Mother /114
王子和画上的狮子 The King"s Son and the Painted Lion /116
男孩和榛子 The Boy and the Filberts /118
男孩和荨麻 The Boy and the Nettles /119
洗澡的男孩 The Boy Bathing /120
母鸡和金蛋 The Hen and the Golden Eggs /121
吝啬鬼 The Miser /122
老太太和医生 The Old Woman and the Physician /124
女人和母鸡 The Woman and Her Hen /126
先知 The Prophet /127
两个士兵和强盗 The Two Soldiers and the Robber /128
滑稽演员和乡下人 The Buffoon and the Countryman /130
吹牛的游客 The Boasting Traveler /133
磨坊主,儿子和驴子 The Miller,His Son,and Their Ass /134
男人和他的两个情人 The Man and His Two Sweethearts /138
天文学家 The Astronomet /139
老人和死神 The Old Man and Death /140
被狗咬的人 The Man Bitten by a Dog /141
黑人 The Aithiops /142
寡妇和她的下女 The Widow and Her Little Maidens /143
寡妇和羊 The Widow and the Sheep /144
老太太和酒瓶 The Old Woman and the Wine-Jar /145
挤奶女工和她的桶 The Milk-Woman and Her Pail /146
主人和狗 The Master and His Dogs /147
光头骑士 The Bald Knight /148
小偷和公鸡 The Thieves and the Cock /149
小偷和店主 The Thief and the Innkeeper /150
盲人和小兽 The Blind Man and the Whelp /152
两个仇敌 The Two Men who Were Enemies /153
败家子和燕子 The Spendthrift and the Swallow /154
被俘的号兵 The Trumpeter Taken Prisoner /155
杀人犯 The Manshyer /156
遇难者和大海 The Shipwrecked Man and the Sea /t57
肚子和身体 The Belly and the Members /158
人,马,牛,狗 The Man,the Horse,the Ox,and the Dog /159
两只口袋 The Two Bags /161
善与恶 The Goods and the Ills /162
朱庇特,尼普顿,密涅瓦和莫摩斯 Jupiter,Neptune,Minerva,and Momus /164
大力神和车夫 Hercules and the Wagoner /166
墨丘利和雕刻家 Mercury and the Sculptor /167
哲人,蚂蚁和墨丘利 The Philosopher,the Ants,and Mercury /168
墨丘利像和木匠 The Image of Mercury and the Carpenter /169
墨丘利和工人 Mercury and the Workmen /170
旅人和萨堤罗斯 The Man and the Satyr /172
旅人和命运女神 The Traveler and Fortune /173
话说伊索及《伊索寓上》 /174 伊索寓言-猫和老鼠
【寓言】The Ant and the Dove
伊索寓言:The foolish Donkey
伊索寓言 Aesop's Fables

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