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 1. 《恶女订制服》—— 澳大利亚近年来少有的成功电影
  《恶女订制服》(The Dressmaker,又译为《裁缝》)是2015年上映的一部关于女性复仇的澳大利亚喜剧剧情片,由乔瑟琳·穆尔豪斯(Jocelyn Moorhouse)根据罗莎莉·汉姆(Rosalie Ham)2000年出版的同名小说改编并导演,由凯特·温丝莱特(Kate Winslet)主演。影片讲述女孩摩特尔·“缇丽”·邓内基(Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage)在被冤枉杀人而被送走多年之后回到澳大利亚家乡小镇登加塔(Dungatar)照看体弱多病、精神恍惚的母亲的故事。此时的缇丽已是美艳性感的时尚裁缝。她利用自己的性感和巧手彻底改变了保守家乡的时尚观念,也搞清了当年使自己蒙冤的案件,并对那些刻意欺侮冤枉她和母亲的人实施了无情而有趣的报复。所以该片被导演穆尔豪斯戏称为“缝纫机版的伊斯特伍德之《杀无赦》”(Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven with a sewing machine)。
  2. 成功的杂糅——《恶女订制服》影评选登
  导演穆尔豪斯认为影片的女主人公与温丝莱特的气质非常契合:“Kate is perfect for Tilly, she’s beautiful, intelligent, and deeply mysterious on screen.”
  烂番茄网站对《恶女订制服》的综合评价是:“The Dressmaker boasts a strong central performance by Kate Winslet and a captivating(迷人的)array of narrative weirdness(精灵古怪)—all of which may or may not be a comfortable fit with viewers.”
  综艺杂志Variety影评人贾斯汀·张(Justin Chang)这样评价温丝莱特的表演:“Winslet, a difficult actress to root agains(t对付)under any circumstances, has us in her palm from the moment she steps into frame(出现在银幕上), looking like an avenging dark angel bathed in ’50s noir shadows(50年代黑色电影的阴影).”
  《国际银幕》杂志(Screen International)影评人沙拉·沃德(Sarah Ward)赞扬《恶女订制服》:“Light comedy, romantic drama, small-town secrets and revenge schemes might not seem an easy or winning mix; however in The Dressmaker, the combination fits.”她还高度评价影片中的服装设计为其成功起到了关键作用:“with the intricate(错综复杂的)work of costume designers Marion Boyce and Margot Wilson clearly pivotal(关键的).”
  HitFix网站影评人格里高利·埃尔伍德(Gregory Ellwood)则对《恶女订制服》的杂糅风格提出了批评意见:“It’s hard to mix over-the-top(过多的)comedy and serious drama.”英国《卫报》影评人本杰明·李(Benjamin Lee)也认为影片风格跳跃杂乱,只给了五星制的两星:“The film is a tonally uneven(调子上不一致的), genreshifting(风格上有变化的)hurricane(飓风)of a thing, wildly careering off the rails(脱离轨道)and smashing into everything in its view.”
  In 1926 in the Australian outback town of Dungatar, schoolboy Stewart Pettyman dies in unknown circumstances. The only witness to his death, schoolgirl Myrtle Dunnage, is branded(打上……烙印)a murderer and exiled(流放)from the town by Stewart’s father and town Councillor(地方議员), Evan Pettyman.

  Twenty-five years later in 1951, Myrtle, now an accomplished dressmaker and going by the name Tilly, returns to her hometown to take care of her ill mother Molly. Upon arrival, she is greeted by local police sergeant(警佐)Horatio Farrat, who is secretly a crossdresser(异装者,伪娘). Unable to remember the events of 1926, Tilly asks her mother about Stewart Pettyman’s death, as she believes that day left her cursed. Molly claims to know nothing about the incident.
  The entire town is quickly alerted to Tilly’s return, as well as William Beaumont, son of the wealthy and snobbish Elsbeth Beaumont. Gertrude Pratt, the daughter of the owners of the town’s general store, possesses feelings for William, but lacks the confidence to tell him.
  The town gathers for the local football final game, and everyone is shocked when Tilly turns up to the match in a bright red couture(時装)gown that distracts the Dungatar players. During the interval, the handsome Teddy McSwiney confronts Tilly about her distracting dress, and Tilly agrees to change. After changing into a black but equally alluring outfit(套装), Tilly gives her business card to Gertrude, offering to make her a dress for the upcoming footballers dance.
  The last quarter of the game begins, with the teams having swapped ends of the field(交换场地). Due to this, the opposing team from the nearby town of Winyerp are distracted by Tilly’s dress, and Dungatar emerges as the winner. Later, Gertrude arrives at Molly’s house to take up Tilly’s offer. Tilly agrees to make the dress in exchange for the truth about Stewart Pettyman’s death. Gertrude reveals that Tilly had hidden from Stewart Pettyman who had been bullying her mercilessly, but that she did not witness what had happened.
  At the footballers dance, Gertrude’s dress is a huge success, and she successfully uses it to capture the attention of William. They later become engaged. Soon, all of the townspeople begin asking Tilly for extravagan(t奢侈的)dresses.
  With her charm and tricks, Tilly learns more about what had happened that day and eventually proves her innocence. It turns out that Stewart had subdued(制服)her against a wall, threatening to come at night to murder her mother and assault her if she moved. He charged head-down at(低头冲向)her, intending to injure her. Instead, she moved aside at the last moment, and Stewart hit his head on the wall and broke his neck. Teddy reveals that Barney, who had been sitting on the town silo(储粮库)at the time, saw the whole thing, but due to being developmentally disabled(智障的), noone thought to ask him and he was afraid people would think he was lying and send him away.
  Subsequently, Tilly punishes those who are guilty and evil one by one—Beulah, the teacher who had provided false testimony(证词), goes mad and is sent away to an asylum(精神病院); Percival Almanac, the cruel town chemist(药剂师,药商)who mistreated Tilly as a child, drowns himself in a pond; and town Councillor Evan Pettyman, who turns out to be Tilly’s father, is killed by his wife. Tilly is also saddened by the deaths of Molly and Teddy who fell in love with her but died of an accident.
  While the townspeople are away for the Eisteddfod(藝术表演比赛)in the nearby town of Winyerp, Tilly sets fire to her house and to a bolt of red fabric(一卷红布)soaked in kerosene(煤油)that is rolled out down the hill towards the town. Tilly states that she is no longer cursed, and leaves the town by train, with her sewing machine her only luggage. The townspeople, having lost the Eisteddfod, return to the town to find that it has burned down.

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