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八方美女 发表于:2009-2-11 17:22:32
Baby Born With Magic Potty ($39.99/280 RMB)
  More and more life-like baby dolls have been coming out recently. You can buy ones which cry, drink milk, or burp, but this baby goes all the way in terms of realism. After you feed her, she'll pee or mess up her nappy, unless you put her on the potty that comes with the doll, in which case "realistic potty sounds" ensue. It sounds disgusting to me, but little girls love it.
  Tickle Me Elmo Live ($60/420 RMB)
  An old favourite from the 1990s, this red monster toy, based on the Sesame Street character, is back in a new form. Tickle him, and he laughs, rolls around, and begs you to stop because its too much. Keeps kids busy for hours.
  Rescue Me Pals Swim To Me Puppy ($29.99/210 RMB)
  This horribly cute toy puppy will paddle around if put in water, swimming to his owner with big, begging eyes. Perfect for reenacting Lassie movies, and afterwards you can even dry him off. I can't help but wonder what happens when the kids put him in water and he gets turned around the wrong way, though; perhaps a number of these will end up paddling across the Atlantic.
  Bakugan Starter Pack ($16.99/119 RMB)
  One for the boys, these little magnetic marble devices can be shot at each other in a complicated game. Looks cheap, but this is just the starter set – no doubt addicted kids will demand more in the future!
  High School Musical 3 Got The Moves Dance Mat ($29.99/210 RMB)
  Released to tie in with the third incarnation of Disney's inexplicably popular and utterly dreadful High School Musical movies, this electronic dance mat features four of the film's songs. It lights up to teach dance moves, and scores you based on how quickly you step – like a DDR machine for the home!
  Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix ($72.99/510 RMB)
  A tie in with the popular kid's series Ben 10, it's a big fancy watch with an LCD screen display that lets you shoot aliens. I'm pretty certain I had an unbranded version of this back in 1984, which I bought for $5 and played with all the way to Australia one long plane flight.
  My Life ($79.99/560 RMB)
  A pink handheld computer game, like a mini-version of The Sims, which lets you choose between boys, school, work, and all this kind of thing for your little virtual avatar. Versions of this for puppies and cats have already been popular, but couldn't the kids just, you know, get a life of their own?
  In the Night Garden Upsy Daisy and Her Chase and Play Bed ($55/385 RMB)
  Another TV tie-in, this cute little doll comes with a magical bed – you put her in it and it rocks her to sleep, then runs around the room! Apparently "encourages children to go to bed and sleep," which any parent knows is only a good thing.
  另一个电视节目的衍生品。这个可爱的小玩偶配有一张神奇的床——把她放在床上,床便会摇摆让她入睡,然后在屋子里四处移动!显然这是 “鼓励孩子们上床睡觉”的招数,无论哪位父母都认为这是件好事。
  Star Wars Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet ($22/154 RMB)
  Now, this one I have to admit is pretty cool. You put this plastic helmet over your head, press a button, and you can sound exactly like one of the Star Wars villains. Also available for Darth Vader, and for Doctor Who's Daleks. Expect lots of kids to be running around going "Exterminate!" and "You have failed me for the last time!" by new year.
  FurReal Biscuit: My Loving Pup ($180/1260 RMB)
  This one may break many parent's pocketbooks; surely it would be cheaper (if more work) just to buy a real puppy? This massive toy dog barks, shakes his head, wags his tail, chases his bone, and a lot more besides – but at least he doesn't hump the furniture like my dog does.
  这可能会导致很多家长钱包空空。但买一个真的小狗(它会给你添很多麻烦)就一定会更便宜吗?这个大型玩具吠犬会摇头摆尾,追逐骨头,除此之外还会很多动作——但至少它不会像我的那条真狗那样在家俱上蹭来蹭去。17:20 2009-2-11

共1 条记录, 每页显示 10 条, 页签: [1]

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