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kele 发表于:2007-8-24 14:06:54
To realize the value of the present is only half of the battle. It is having the courage and the determination to live within it that wins it. 意识到现在的价值只是战斗的一半。有勇气和决心面对现实生活才能赢得战斗。
  As Brian entered Room No. 32, Peggy's face lit up with a bright smile. Peggy was Brain's little sister, and was dying of cancer. She was a lovely girl, who charmed1) everyone with her undying enthusiasm2). She would talk non-stop to a listening ear, and she seldom cried, though she was only 7 years old.
  Brian loved Peggy very much and each day that passed was like a ticking3) time bomb to him. However, Peggy amazed Brian with her creativity. She had a collection of paper dolls that she had made. All 62 were tacked4) on the wall behind her bed. Brian had asked her about the dolls, but she would always just smile, and say happily that they were her friends.
  Day by day, Peggy's body grew weaker and weaker, but her spirit remained strong. Each one of her smiles pierced5) Brian's heart. When he wasn't at the hospital, he would spend most of his time alone in his room, crying as if it was him that was dying.
  It was two weeks after Peggy's eighth birthday that she died. Though expected, it broke Brian's heart.
  As Brian forced himself to walk into Room No. 32 to collect Peggy's things, he saw the tiny paper dolls smiling back at him from the wall. Unable to throw them away, Brian found a shoe box to put them in. One by one he removed them from the wall, seeing for the first time the inscriptions6) on the back of each: Terrah, Ivy, Nicole, Amy, Justin, Chris...and on and on. There was one name that stuck in his mind: Jessie. Jessie had been Peggy's first and best friend in the hospital, who had died about one year ago. Then Brian began to recognize more names, and he realized why they seemed so familiar.
  Peggy's paper dolls were all the children that had died since she had arrived. When Brian finally pulled the 62nd doll off the wall with a quivering7) hand, he suddenly realized that there was still one that he had never seen before. It was purple, Peggy's favorite color, with a wide crayon8) smile. As Brian turned the doll over and read the back, he was snapped out of9) his state of denial10). Tears flooded his eyes as the name, scrawled11) in crayon, "Peggy", screamed at him — She had known.
  Brian could still hear the sweet voice that he had known for so long, but for the first time, he understood her. All the time he had been pretending that everything would turn out all right. All along12), Peggy knew that she was going to die, yet not once did she say that it wasn't fair.
  As the memories of Peggy reeled13) through Brian's head, he realized that he could not remember a time when she had been truly unhappy. Peggy, only a child, had accepted her disease and death as a part of her life. She faced most people's worst fear with courage, and determined14) to make each day that she lived worthwhile. The dolls were a means of remembrance and symbols of life.
  Brian looked down at the small paper doll in his hand through salty tears, and he realized that as a big brother, he had known so little about his sister, the bravest girl on earth. Yet it was not too late, he could still follow in her footsteps, and learn how to seek out the best in any situation.

From that day on, Brian learned not to dwell upon15) life's downsides, but to search for the positives that were sometimes hidden in the shadows of his fears.
  1. charm [tFB:m] vt. 迷住,使陶醉
  2. enthusiasm [In5Wju:zIAzEm] n. 热忱,
  3. tick [tIk] v. 滴答地响
  4. tack [tAk] vt. (以图钉等)钉住
  5. pierce [pIEs] vt. 刺穿,刺破
  6. inscription [In5skrIpFEn] n. 题字
  7. quiver [5kwIvE] vi. 颤抖,发抖
  8. crayon [5kreIEn] n. 蜡笔
  9. snap out of: [美俚]突然摆脱某种不好的状态,停止抱怨(忧虑,悲伤等)而迅速振作起来
  10. denial [dI5naIEl] n. 否认,拒绝承认
  11. scrawl [skrC:l] vt. 乱涂,潦草地写
  12. all along: 自始至终,一直
  13. reel [rI:l] vt. 旋转
  14. determine [dI5tE:mIn] v. 决定,下定决心

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共1 条记录, 每页显示 10 条, 页签: [1]

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